Irina Jacobson

Irina Jacobson, Licensed Professional Counselor - Associate

Supervised by John Spoede, Ph.D., LPC-S


My Mission: In the heart of every person is a desire to love, to be loved, understood by others, and lead a happy and fulfilled life. I believe that everyone is on a unique journey and has a purpose that needs to be discovered and realized. Self-actualization and true contentment could be impeded by unresolved internal conflicts, lack of self-understanding and self-acceptance, and by inability to give and receive love. My mission is to lead clients towards wholeness and meaningful life by helping them to get to know themselves and their true values, understand and trust the flow of their lives, fall in love with their uniqueness, and give voice to their life stories. I love helping clients in accessing their own internal resources, believing in their own power, and utilizing their strong character traits in achievement of their goals.

My Focus: I believe in healing through counseling relationship, and thrive to create a compassionate, safe and supporting environment in all my sessions. My clinical focus is on working with couples undergoing relationship distress, families looking for deeper understanding of each other’s needs, adults searching for meaning of life, navigating through personal and professional transitions, or going though grief and loss.

My experience: My true blessing is being able to follow my heart and passion by joining counseling field after completing a career in finance and team management. While guiding international team members in building their own successful careers, I worked on emphasizing a balance of personal and professional goals, fostered optimal resolution of interpersonal conflicts, and reconciled misunderstandings created by cultural differences. I am a volunteer and board member of AdvitaUSA, the charity fund that helps cancer patients get access to the most effective treatments available. My professional memberships are with Texas Counseling Association and Texas Association with Adult Development and Aging, where I serve as Emerging Leader.

My Technique: My counseling approach is selected according to the clients’ specific needs, personalities, worldviews, and in most cases involves a combination of various techniques that show proven therapeutic results. I utilize Person-Centered, Cognitive-Behavioral, Acceptance and Commitment, Existential therapies, Positive Psychology, and Gottman Method, among others. I believe in holistic approach to healing and use body-mind connection techniques, including meditation and yoga, when needed.


About Me: I moved to the United States from Moscow, Russia, many years ago, right after completing my undergraduate education, and fell in love with wonderful people and incredible opportunities this amazing country has to offer. Based on my life experience, I can relate to diverse population groups, including first/second generation immigrants, multicultural families, couples going through divorce, single parents, blended families, individuals with critical illnesses and family members in caretaking roles, and professionals working in high stress, high pressure environment. I love to continuously extend my knowledge by attending educational workshops and by learning about different lifestyles, cultures, and perspectives. During my free time I read, travel, volunteer, explore museums and theaters, practice yoga, and find joy in the company of my husband, family and friends.



MA, Counseling, Houston Baptist University, Houston, TX

MBA, Finance, University of Houston, Houston, TX

BA, Education, Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia

Gottman Couples Therapy, Levels 1 and 2

Certified Yoga Teacher (200 hours)

 Fluency in Russian Language.


Favorite quote: “If I say that I “accept” you, but know nothing of you, this is a shallow acceptance indeed, and you realize that it may change if I actually come to know you. But if I understand you empathically, see you and what you are feeling and doing from your point of view, enter your private world and see it as it appears to you—and still accept you—then this is safety indeed. In this climate you can permit your real self to emerge, and to express itself in varied and novel formings as it relates to the world” (Carl Rogers).

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