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Children's Hope offers a unique approach to working with children through play therapy. Children's Hope provides play therapy by experienced, licensed, highly certified, and regionally recognized play therapists. Please read the comments below to understand play therapy's unique and powerful intervention. Please get in touch with a play therapist at Children's Hope for more information about our play therapy program.

What is Play Therapy?

Play therapy is a form of counseling designed ideally for a child from a developmental perspective. Developmentally, a child lacks the cognitive and verbal skills to express what s/he feels full of. The feelings of a child are often inaccessible at a verbal level. However, play is the child's natural communication medium—a symbolic language of self-expression. It is how a child explores and orients themself to the real world. Given the opportunity in a safe environment with a professional trained in play therapy, a child will play out feelings and needs like talking to adults. Though the dynamics of expression are different for a child, the emotions (e.g., fear, anger, sadness) are identical to those of adults. When viewed from this perspective, toys are used like words by the child, and play is the child's language. In play therapy, the child can use toys to say what s/he cannot say, do things s/he would feel uncomfortable doing, and express feelings for which s/he might be reprimanded for verbalizing in other settings.

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