Ryan Brundrett

My Mission:

I feel as though all people, but children and adolescents especially, greatly benefit from having someone listen to them.  Within a parent/child relationship, where it often feels like no one is listening, my aim is to provide a space where all parties are heard, and open, honest communication is achieved.

My Focus:

Rama Yousef

My Mission: There is so much for a child to explore about themselves, their relationships with others, and the world around them. At times, this could feel intimidating, frustrating, or confusing. My mission is to provide children with a safe space to be themselves and freely express their thoughts and feelings. I hope to help them grow into the person they want to become.

Sarah Myers

My Mission: I strive to give children and teens their own space where they feel safe, validated, and supported so that they are comfortable sharing their feelings and experiences. I would like to aid them in growing both emotionally and mentally as well as help them better understand themselves and the world around them. Most importantly, I will guide them in developing their own skills that are crucial to their growth and well-being.

Yu Wen Wang











Yu Wen Wang, LPC, RPT, NCC



My Mission: I believe that everyone is unique and has the ability to achieve self-actualization. I provide a non-judgmental environment for clients to express any issues and concerns. I hope to help people find their strengths that will enable them to cope with stress and overcome obstacles.


Dr. John Spoede












I believe that everyone is on a journey, and I hope to walk along-side and help all of my clients better navigate the road of life by following the healthiest, most satisfying, and Christ-honoring path possible. I employ a variety of therapeutic approaches, such as cognitive behavioral and client center therapy, to best meet my clients’ needs.


Clinical Areas of Focus​​




Anger Management​

Anxiety / Depression

Robyn Rausch










Robyn Rausch, LPC, RPT-S

My Mission: I became a play therapist when I discovered I had a natural talent for connecting with kids and teens.  My mission is to use this talent to help kids feel confident, calm, capable, connected, and like they matter. I hope to help families and schools create environments where kids of all types can thrive and enjoy their life while growing and learning.

Laura Lynch










Laura Lynch, LPC 

Pronouns: she/her


Heather Stroud










Heather Stroud, LPC

My Mission: Mrs. Stroud is passionate about helping individuals develop, renew, and enhance skills necessary to improve one’s overall functioning. Mrs. Stroud attempts to normalize therapy and help individuals feel welcomed and supported to allow for growth and empowerment.  

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