Michelline Burmeister

Michelline Burmeister MA, M.Ed., LPC-Associate

Supervised by Eduardo Salazar MS, MA, LPC-S and Chari Westcott MA, LPC-S, PLLC



To help others feel more empowered to meet challenges and build a better life experience.



During my graduate studies at Lamar University, I worked with high school students using restorative practices such as emotional regulation and mindfulness techniques.  I also worked with students on life transition issues as they planned for graduation and post graduate work.  This experience and my years within the classroom teaching children and adults have allowed me to understand the power of developing relationships first in order for positive change to occur.  I have learned to listen empathetically and non-judgmentally to gain trust and to help others with their aspirations. 



My goal is to help clients to work towards a sense of wellness and empowerment by developing a client-counselor relationship in which there is trust and understanding.  A variety of techniques such as cognitive-behavioral, client centered and solution-based therapy that meet the needs of the client can be used to help clients reach their counseling goals.



I was born and raised in South Louisiana and moved to Texas when I was 18.  I have been a high school psychology teacher for fifteen years and a teacher for twenty years.  Teaching has given me the chance to meet so many children from all different backgrounds, cultures, and abilities.  These experiences have taught me so much and helped me see we are all interconnected.  In addition, I have three children in their early twenties who kept me very busy for many years but who will always be the joy of my life.  In my free time I enjoy spending time with my friends, learning new things and walking my dog around the neighborhood.  Connection and openness to learn from life and others is very important to me.

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