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Sarah Myers, LPC-Associate

Supervised by Alice Payne Heath, LPC, RPT-S


My Mission: I strive to give children, teens, and young adults their own space where they feel safe, validated and supported so that they are comfortable sharing, processing, and practicing healthier means of coping with their feelings and experiences. I would like to aid individuals in growing both emotionally and mentally, as well as help them better understand themselves and how to meet their specific needs. I will guide and support them in exploring and developing new skills that are crucial to their growth and well-being. 

My Focus: My focus is working with individuals that are struggling with coping with their emotions and anxiety, which impacts their functioning. In children, these struggles often cause them to feel overwhelmed and result in behavioral problems at school or in the home (trouble following directions, angry outbursts, fighting with other children/siblings or parents, etc.) I also provide support to parents seeking to learn new ways of helping their children thrive.  

My Experience: I graduated from the University of Houston with a Masters degree in clinical counseling in 2022. I am now an LPC Associate, which means I am graduated, fully trained, and have been awarded a license, but still practice under a supervisor. My supervisor is Robyn Rauch and she can be reached at In addition to counseling, I have worked at Launch Academy, a private school for adolescents with disabilities (specifically autism) for the past 5 years. I have been able to acquire experience in helping children with regulating and processing their behavior and emotions as well as working with parents to support their children in practicing these skills in the real world. 

The experience that brought me to want to work with kids in therapy has been prevalent in several ways. I experienced therapy as a child and teen, which helped me profoundly in managing my anxiety and emotional struggles as I was going through many transitions and life changes. I have always had a passion for helping individuals through difficulties they are having and have worked with children since I was a teenager. 

While behaviors are often what brings a child into the office, it is the emotions and thoughts behind those behaviors that need to be addressed, or the behavior will not change and may become more difficult. While this process can be slow, it is also highly effective and prevents new problems from arising in the future.


About Me: I am a native Texan with a big family! I have a birth family, adoptive family, and stepfamily. I am a very patient, empathetic, and chipper person; I love talking and connecting with people. I also love animals, doing jigsaw puzzles, playing games, and wildflowers (especially dandelions).

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