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  • AUGUST 24, 2017
From InTouch Ministries:

Mark 4:39

The Sea of Galilee is about eight miles wide and 13 miles long. If you’d been sitting on its shore the evening Jesus calmed the fierce gale, you might have seen ominous clouds and lightning out over the water. Experiencing a thunderstorm while watching at a distance or from the safety of your home is easy and even thrilling. But it’s another thing altogether when your boat starts rocking wildly on the waves and the rain is pelting your face. Then, what is fascinating from a distance can set off panic in your heart—panic that’s not entirely unreasonable if you’re at risk of capsizing in the middle of the sea.

In this fallen world, everyone will face storms of some sort, whether they involve physical, relational, financial, or other issues. These adversities are hard and they hurt. But they’re not the whole story of our lives, especially if we are followers of the One who calms the storm.

When troubles hit, we might find ourselves wondering, God, where are You? But He is where He’s always been; the problem is that we forget to look in the right direction.

So remember, it is Jesus whose voice commands nature, and He is also sovereign over every other type of tempest we face (1 John 4:4). Knowing that we are frail in storms, He stands with us, sheltering us from the full brunt of the pounding rain and speaking peace into our heart (Psalm 103:13-14).

A storm-tossed sea was no match for Jesus. With three words from Him, it calmed instantly. He’ll do the same for you and me every time if we just turn to Him and trust.

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