Life Transition

Vicky Lim

Vicky Lim, MABC, LPC-Associate 
Supervisor: Lynn Strom, LPC-S

My Mission:
I enjoy coming  alongside clients in their journey towards recovery and freedom from individual, relational, and mental health challenges.

My Focus:
I specialize in struggles with depression, anxiety, PTSD, marriage, parenting, and life transitions.  As a second generation American with 15 years of cross-cultural team and ministry experiences in central north Asia, I am familiar with the challenges of multi-racial marriages and bi-generational families. 

Juliana Chesser

Juliana Chesser, LPC-Associate, NCC

Under the supervision of David Huffman, PhD, MDiv, LPC-S, RPT-S



I am here for your support, connection, reflection, and joy - just as I am prepared for your pain, trauma, loss, or crisis.

Client-counselor collaboration - establishing, safety, trust, and unconditional positive regard in our therapeutic relationship. This sets the tone for meaningful, healthy, and authentic connection to grow deeper.

Josh Sachs










Josh Sachs


My Practice: Real, lasting change can be difficult to come by. It can seem elusive and out of reach for so many of us as we wrestle with the confusion and difficulties of life. 

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