Posted by Roxy on Mon, 05/23/2016 - 2:55 PM

Choosing an Intern for Counseling

Is it the right choice for you?


Renewing Hope Counseling is proud to be a teaching facility where graduate (master level) students can get experience counseling, growing and learningfrom our skillful counselors.  In addition to our graduate students, Renewing Hope Counseling has partnered with a few select licensed interns known professionally as “Licensed Professional Counselor Interns”. We are often asked about our interns and what the term “intern” means.   So, I would like to share some information about them so you can make an educated decision on whether one of our interns might be right for you as your therapist. 


All of Renewing Hope’s interns have successfully completed a master’s program at an accredited university with a focus on a core-counseling curriculum.    Additionally, all interns must have passed a comprehensive national test called the National Counseling Examination.  It is at this point that the intern can apply to the State of residency for a license to practice counseling with the provision of being under a board-approved supervisor.  All interns are required to practice “under supervision” for 3,000 hours with a minimum of 18 months before they can apply for full LPC licensure. 


One benefit to choosing an intern is that our interns practice at a reduced rate, making counseling more affordable to individuals that have high co-pays or no insurance.  Since interns are not on insurance panels, they charge a cash price and many operate on a “sliding scale.”  Our philosophy at Renewing Hope is that mental health services should be affordable to everyone and we do not want finances to be a barriers for someone not to seek, what could be, life-saving services.


Another benefit of choosing an intern is that they often have greater availability to see clients without a wait time.  Renewing Hope usually has an intern in the office that has availability to see a client on short notice. 


Finally, you can rest assured that you are getting the same high level of mental health services since all of our interns are receiving supervision from a Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor that has had a minimum of three years practice experience with additional supervisory training. 


We welcome you to contact us to discuss our staff interns or to find a therapist that is right for you.